French drivers go to Luxembourg to fill the tank

Due to strikes at refineries in France, 20 percent of gas stations in the country are facing supply problems. The ANWB recommends filling up your car in Belgium or Luxembourg. The strikes, organized by the usually radical trade union CGT, at ExxonMobil and TotalEnergies refineries continue today, after the union [...]

‘Secret documents’ found at Trump estate

Former president Donald Trump had more than three hundred confidential documents in his house. Some of the papers were found early this year when Trump turned them over to the National Archives. The rest surfaced in June and during the search earlier this month. Meanwhile, Trump has sued the state for shutting down [...]

Legal battle over masks takes a new turn

The criminal investigation into  Syd van Lienden, Camille van Gestel and Bernd Damme is moving abroad. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has seized bank accounts in Luxembourg and Switzerland of the trio and houses, cars and art and antiques here in the Netherlands. The total seizure has now risen to 19.5 million [...]
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