With 72 percent of purchases, cash is still a king: ECB

Cash is still the most widely used payment method in the European Union, according to the European Central Bank (ECB). Almost sixty percent of purchases in shops and restaurants, among others, were settled with cash. Furthermore, sixty percent of the Europeans surveyed consider it important to have the choice to pay [...]

You need to come in early and maybe take more risks

Sustainability and digitalisation: the importance of these two megatrends is hardly debatable anymore. Luxembourg for Finance invited Luxembourg Stock Exchange CEO Julie Becker and European Investment Bank Institute director Shiva Dustdar to discuss the role of finance in supporting them towards a brighter [...]

Camille Thommes, efficiency with discretion

As head of Alfi, Camille Thommes has seen the rapid development of the fund sector. But he has also seen several crises. This tireless traveller is one of the driving forces behind the dynamics of the financial centre. Nicolas Mackel, CEO of Luxembourg for Finance, introduces the leader, who is ranked 4th among the [...]

No. 1: Julie Becker, the effective influencer

Julie Becker is the top-ranked decision-maker of the 9th edition of the Paperjam Top 100, whose gala evening took place on Tuesday 13 December. Her skills, leadership and vision won her unanimous approval–along with her role in bringing the Luxembourg Stock Exchange to the world [...]
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