168,345 speeding offences clocked over 6 months in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s speed cameras have clocked 168,345 speeding offences in the country in the last since months since they were introduced.

Responding to a parliamentary question, Luxembourg’s Infrastructure Minister François Bausch said the busiest fixed speed camera was the one in Merl, recording motorists as they enter the capital from the A4 motorway from the direction of Esch-sur-Alzette.

Fixed cameras in order of the most speeding offences recorded

  1. Merl
  2. Schieren
  3. Lipperscheid
  4. Gonderange
  5. Schlammestee
  6. Reckange
  7. Dorscheid
  8. Roost
  9. Niderterhaff
  10. Hëttermillen
  11. Welfrange
  12. Heiderscheid
  13. Stegen
  14. Beckerich
  15. Schmëttewier
  16. Emeschbaach
  17. Gamich
  18. Schoenfels
  19. Steinheim
  20. Pleitrange

With the exception of the Merl camera, all speed cameras film motorists travelling in both directions up to a distance of 50 metres.

In addition to Luxembourg’s 20 fixed speed cameras, six mobile cameras were put into effect by Luxembourg police earlier this year. They are used in different areas for up to four hours.

Out of the 168,345 offences registered, 18,417 were recorded on mobile devices.

In the majority of speeding offences motorists do not exceed 20k/h, however this is not always the case. The worst offence reported so far concerned a driver who exceeded the limit by 104k/h.

“While we have observed a general slowing down in speeds, this reduction has not diminished the number of speeding offences being committed,” Minister Bausch said.

Excessive speed was the cause of 45% of fatal accidents in Luxembourg in 2015.