Could Germany’s next superstar be Luxembourgish?

If you’re not familiar with German television, the letters “DSDS” will probably mean nothing to you.

But to the German public, and indeed many Luxembourgers, it would be hard not to know they stand for the very popular singing talent-scout show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”.

The show’s team, complete with two studio trucks, were in Luxembourg on Monday hunting for talent in the Grand Duchy on the Place Guillaume II.

A reception stand awaited applicants who had either already applied via internet, or had decided to try their luck at the last minute. After completing a form identifying themselves, auditioners were ushered into a large blue inflatable dome where they were told to wait for their turn to be called.

Then the moment of truth arrived and candidates were led to one of the soundproof, double-glazed trucks and told to introduce themselves and show what they are made of.

One young man turned up with his guitar. “He’s been preparing for months”, said his friend. “He’s got his own YouTube channel and played concerts…” Daniel Tavares, who performs under the alias Dany Ares, is 20 years old and this was his first ever audition for a TV show. However he left the DSDS truck looking annoyed and his friend gave him a hug.

“I felt a lot of pressure while in the truck. I sang with my guitar, and then was asked to sing without it. Then I was told that I didn’t move enough, and I was too closed. They ask too much I think. Or maybe it is me, I don’t know. I will continue my projects. And that’s it.” Dany stated.