Lux Funds near €5.5trn in assets under management

Net assets under management in investment funds are approaching the €5.5 trillion mark, having passed the €5 trillion mark in January this year.

Halfway through 2021, the investment fund industry has not seen any slowdown. It started the year by breaking the €5trn asset mark in January and has been setting new records month after month.

At the end of June, the amount of assets under management reached €5,487.5bn, an increase of almost 10% in the space of six months. Month-on-month growth was at 2.91%.

Over the last 12 months, the total volume of assets under management has increased by 19.68%, the supervisory authority CSSF said. This comes after the sector by June 2020 had already filled a large part of the hole caused by the spring lockdown, when assets under management dropped by around €500bn.

Of the additional €155.134m in assets, €47.88m are fresh capital, with the other €107.25m as a result of the good health of the financial markets.