Luxembourg recalls apricot kernels


Naturata and Mullebutz stores in Luxembourg have recalled an apricot kernel product after it was found to contain high levels of hydrocyanic acid.

The recall was ordered after Luxembourg’s food safety authority was alerted to the sitaution.

Hydrogen cyanide is a natural toxin that forms from natural substances such as amygdalin. These substances are contained in certain fruit kernels, including those of apricots.

The hydrocyanic acid levels are normally low in sweet kernels but high in bitter kernels.The products concerned have been withdrawn from sale.

Consumers who purchased the product, which was produced in Pakistan, with the following serial numbers, are strongly advised not to consume them.

Affected serial numbers:

  • L160649, MHD 31.03.2017
  • L160923, MHD 29.04.2017
  • FA151071, MHD 15.09.2016
  • FA151094, MHD 15.10.2016
  • FA150960, MHD 24.10.2016
  • FA150959, MHD 26.09.2016