5% of Chargy stations interrupted by flooding

Severe flooding in Luxembourg left 40 Chargy electric charging stations out of action, of which ten are still not operational, Creos told Delano.

The floods of 14–15 July were a result of rainfall levels not seen in Luxembourg for over a century. While they caused serious damage to homes and businesses, they also impacted the country’s vehicle-charging infrastructure. Of the 800 charging stations, 40 were impacted, a spokesperson told Delano on Thursday. He said: “As of today, we still have ten stations that are not operational and need to be fixed—three of them have to be fully replaced.”

The three in need of replacing are:

—CP0044 Rue Place François-Joseph Dargent 4, L-1413 Luxembourg/Eich

—CP0287 Um Salzwaasser 5, L-6661 Born

—CP0286 Rue des Bénédictins 4, L-6414 Echternach