Woman loses 5,000 euros after becoming victim of internet fraud twice

A woman from Luxembourg lost a total 5,000 euros after becoming the victim of internet fraud twice in a short period of time.

The woman had met a man online and was in contact with him for several months through social media. At one point, the man asked the woman for 4,000 euros to be able to cover medical bills after an accident. Out of sympathy the victim sent the asked sum to the person via Western Union. Shortly after the transaction, the contact between them came to a complete halt.

The woman began to be suspicious and started researching the subject online. Instead of getting advice from police, she thus became the victim of an online scam a second time.

She discovered the website of a supposed bank, offering to reimburse victims of internet fraud. After contacting the bank via e-mail, she received an answer asking for a registration fee of 1,000 euros, a sum she was supposed to recover as part of the supposed reimbursement. The woman also completed this transaction in good faith but was asked for more money later on.

Only at this point she decided to go to the police and had to realise that she had become the victim of online scams.