Luxembourg tourists spend 120 euro per day at the sea

Vacationers staying on the coast spend an average of 25 euros more per day than five years ago. This is evident from the research by the tourism company Westtoer. Especially stay tourists from Luxembourg dive deep in the pocket.

Resident tourists who spend their holidays on our coast account for thirty percent of the total tourist turnover and spend significantly more today: the five-year large-scale coastal survey that Westtoer carried out together with Toerisme Vlaanderen has now produced some striking results.

“A holidaymaker in a commercial accommodation-which includes the hotels, B&Bs, campsites and holiday homes – spent an average of 65 euros per day in 2016. That has now risen to 90 euros,” explains Olivier Verhaeghe of Westtoer. “40 euros of that goes to the stay, the rest to mainly restaurant visits, shopping and groceries. We found that people started going to restaurants more since the pandemic, because at that time something like that was still relatively smooth unlike other activities. Prices have also increased significantly in five years.

Luxembourg tourists spend the most with an average of 120 euros per day, the French with 75 euros the least, ” Verhaeghe adds. It is striking: the Dutch holidaymakers with 95 euros and the German residents with 101 euros also spend more than the Belgians who hang at the back of the list with 89 euros per day. In 2019, Belgians accounted for 79 percent of holidaymakers in commercial accommodation, of which 54 percent were Flemish and 25 percent French-speaking. The remaining 21 percent came mainly from neighbouring countries.