Luxembourg’s new tram depot takes shape


You may have already seen the works for the new tram depot under construction if you commute daily via Kirchberg. On the edge of the Grünewald, just opposite the Serra roundabout, the works are visible.

It’s from this location near the motorway where trams will be housed overnight and from which they will begin their daily journey, starting in the second semester of 2017. This tram depot will actually consist of three buildings, and the new Luxtram headquarters will be housed in the four-story building on the site. In addition to office space, there will also be a centralised control station so the team will have not only the entire network in view, but also constant contact with the drivers. Employees are scheduled to move in early next year.

Next to this will be a maintenance area consisting of two sections where tracks will be laid. In the front area of a double hall is a maintenance workshop, where repair work can be carried out on the vehicles.

There will also be a washing area, where the tram vehicles will be cleaned every three days, with interiors being cleaned every day: it’s for this reason some 500 litres of water will be needed, around 75 percent of it recycled.

The first tracks of the new tram were laid in July on the Avenue J.F. Kennedy, and the tram depot tracks should be laid in December. The first tram car is expected to be delivered by February of next year.

The tram should take its first regular trip latest December 10, 2017. This is the date that the new Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg station and its associated funicular are to be put into operation. At that point, passengers should be able to travel between the Luxexpo and the Red Bridge. It is possible, however, that the tram could start a tad earlier.

Tests, on the other hand, are already expected to begin next spring. \