Luxembourg appoints new heads of diplomatic missions

Gaston Stronck has been appointed as the new Secretary General at Luxembourg's Foreign Affairs Ministry.

New heads of diplomatic missions abroad have been appointed by the Luxembourg government.

The new appointees are:

Elisabeth Cardoso, Ambassador in Abu Dhabi
Paul Steinmetz, Ambassador in Athens
Marc Hübsch, Ambassador in Beijing
Jean Graff, Ambassador in Berlin
Carlo Krieger, Ambassador in Brasilia
Janine Finck, Ambassador in Copenhagen
Nicole Bintner, Ambassador in Dakar
Jean-Marc Hoscheit, Ambassador in The Hague
Jean Olinger, Ambassador in London
Michèle Pranchère, Ambassador in Madrid
Martine Schommer, Ambassador in Paris
Gérard Philipps, Ambassador in Prague
Paul Dühr, Ambassador in Rome
Marc Ungeheuer, Ambassador in Vienna

The following have been appointed as new permanent representatives:

Patrick Engelberg, Permanent Representative of Luxembourg to the COPS in Brussels
Pierre-Louis Lorenz, Permanent Representative of Luxembourg to the United Nations in Geneva
Stephan Muller, Permanent Representative of Luxembourg to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

The ministry of foreign affairs has also announced the following appointments:

Gaston Stronck, Secretary General
Olivier Maes, Director of Political Affairs
Michèle Eisenbarth, Director of European Affairs and International Economic Relations
Manuel Tonnar, Director of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action
Christian Biever, Director of Consular Affairs and International Cultural Relations
Ronald Dofing, Coordinator on Immigration Matters, Non-resident Ambassador to Bulgaria.

The nominations will be in effect from September this year, subject to approval from the countries concerned.