Luxembourg entrepreneur paid 469,000 euros to UK’s Conservative Party

Gerard Lopez Gerard Lopez

It has been revealed that Luxembourg entrepreneur Gerard Lopez has made one of the biggest donations of the year to the UK’s Conservative Party amounting to a whopping 469,000 euros, but why?

Lopez, former boss of Lotus F1 team based in the English town of Enstone, paid 400,000 GBP to the former and current Prime Ministers’ Conservative Party between April and June 2016, information unearthed by British newspaper The Guardian obtaining figures from an electoral commission table.

According to the donor table, “Gerardo Lopez Fojaca” was even the main sponsor of the party of the right, in the second quarter of this year, particularly marked by the referendum concerning the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.

To silence the tax havens?

According to “The Guardian” journalist, this donation from Lopez was made by someone who’s name “frequently appeared” in the Panama Papers so-called scandal, (it actually appears only once), and asks what the real intentions of the political party was in the alleged war against tax havens. David Cameron was also personally weakened by the media scandal.

The British daily transcribes a reaction of a “spokesperson for Lopez” (sic), as saying, “Mr Lopez has invested significant amounts in the UK, creating local jobs and generating tax revenues. Mr Lopez pays the full amount of tax owed as per his legal obligations,” which certainly implies that the Lopez would also have a say in politics.

When contacted by the “Luxemburger Wort”, Gerard Lopez did not wish to respond. He has been mentioned by foreign press over the past few weeks, as being among the candidates to buy the emblematic French football club Olympique de Marseille.