Luxembourg cyclist Triebel banned for four years


Luxembourg cyclist Pascal Triebel has been banned from his sport for four years by the disciplinary commission of the Luxembourg Anti-doping Agency (ALAD).

He was accused of avoiding a doping control during a mountain bike race in the German city of Orscholz end of July.

The 50-year old, who has been a constant presence in the Luxembourg cycling world for a long time, said he had decided not to appeal against the decision.

“I already handed my licence back to cycling federation the FSCL two months ago. As an athlete, you don’t have any rights. In Orscholz, I wasn’t approached by any official at any point asking me to come to a doping control. There are witnesses for that. But ALAD of course think they know better what happened”, Triebel commented.

The athlete doesn’t want to think about the judgement any longer: “If I want to do sports, I can simply get on my bike and ride through the Roeserbann. I don’t need a licence for that.”

The fact that Triebel has a history of doping was crucial this time. In 1999, he was banned after a positive doping control. He also tested positive on Ephedrine during the road race championships in July 1998.