Looking at the Past and the Future for Automation and the Professions

Analogue employees: Digital Jobs. Training and career development for a lifetime of opportunity” examines the impacts of a future in which 60% of jobs in management, business and financial sectors could be transformed by robotic processes.

Manufacturing and labour intensive sectors have been seeing the effects for some time, and current research seems to indicate that the changes will come for knowledge based and professional services too.

Addressing the questions of what kind of impact this may have for professionals now and in the future, and what can be learned from past experiences in other sectors, Ravi Begun, head of investment management at KPMG, David Holland, The Results Guy, Paul Peckels, CEO Luxemburger Wort, and Richard Russell, a digital technologies expert will take a look at the implications.

The evening starts at 18:00 with registration, and the conference is scheduled to begin at 18:30, and will close with a drinks and networking session.

The event is free for sustaining members, €20 for business and individual members, and €30 for non-members.