Canadian rock band Monster Truck returns to Luxembourg this week

Monster Truck Monster Truck will be playing at the Rockhal

Canadian rock band Monster Truck make their return to Luxembourg when they play at Rockhal on Thursday.

The four piece last played here when they supported Nickelback and are back this week as they promote their latest album, Sittin Heavy.

Guitarist and vocalist Jeremy Widerman met Sam Steen to tell him all about the record.

Sittin Pretty was released in February 2016 and the boys from Hamilton, Ontario have been touring relentlessly ever since. The busy schedule has really allowed the band to get to grips with the songs.

“We’re pretty settled into the album all the way now”, said Jeremy. “We had a show last night and we’re playing almost all of the songs off the new record and they are going over pretty well.

“We’re always leaning towards playing those songs because obviously we’re on that record cycle but also because we just feel like it’s better music so it’s a fun time to be playing those songs and knowing that we’re going to be playing them for another two tours at least.”

While they are obviously keen to showcase the new material they know they have to throw in some tunes from their back catalogue in order to satisfy all fans of the band.

“We’re careful not to abandon the older songs, we know how that works. Fans tend to latch on to materia,l especially when they’ve been sitting with it for four and five years and I always remember going to see my favourite bands and having the ones that just completely abandon their old records and you just feel like you’ve missed out on something.”
Preproduction started on next record

Having said that they are mostly playing new songs on this tour. Jeremy mentioned he thought Sittin Pretty is Monster Truck’s best work to date.

He said: “The thing that makes it better is just the time that we had becoming better musicians, better songwriters and also exploring the virtues of every member of the band!

“One of the things that came to light on this record was how skilled our drummer was at coming up with vocal melodies. That’s something that you don’t always attribute to the percussionist but it was something that he was very good at and something that we leaned on him very heavily for on this record.”

With so much experience on the road and of course with their successful tour with Nickelback under their belts they are known for a spectacular live show.

“Whichever songs we are playing it’s always the same”, said Jeremy. “We’ve got a groove on regarding how we play a show. It doesn’t deviate from the thing that got us moving in the first place which is just a high energy rock concert and being well rehearsed and trying to put everything we’ve got in to the performance.”

There were three years between their debut album Furiosity and Sittin Heavy so the band felt that was too long between records so with that in mind Monster Truck have already started work on their next release.

“We’ve already started preproduction on another record and we’ve got songs that we think will probably end up on there and we’ve got other ideas cooking”, he revealed. “It’s something that we’re going to be working on over the course the summer”.

Monster Truck will be at the Rockhal on Thursday, March 30.