Luxembourg spends 32 hours a year in traffic jams


In general, Luxembourg residents are relatively satisfied with public transport, be it bus, rail or air. This assessment level by citizens has even improved in recent years. However the same can’t be said for private vehicle owners as drivers spent an average of 32.21 hours a year in traffic jams.

Ranked together with 26 other countries, the time spent sitting in traffic congestion in the Grand Duchy has risen from the previous year when the number was 31.15 hours.

These figures can be seen in the “EU Transport Scoreboard 2016” released by the European Commission comparing countries in the transport sector.

Luxembourg doesn’t fare too well when it comes to the number of vehicles powered by alternative fuels such as electric. However this is almost a paradox as the number of charging stations in the country is well above the European average.

Luxembourg’s score for the number of women employed in the transport sector is not that good either. While the European average is 22% , the Grand Duchy is way behind at 12%.