Schneider Endorses Energy Efficiency over Emissions Reductions


Luxembourg Minister of Economy, Etienne Schneider, has endorsed a proposal to enforce energy efficiency as a primary step in reducing greenhouse gases, while questioning the motives of those who would aim for simple reductions in greenhouse gas emissions overall.

Attending the EU Energy Council in Brussels yesterday, which was reviewing a new legislative package, “Clean energy for all Europeans,” the minister said he welcomed the package, while recalling that energy had been at the very origin of the European project.

“I welcome this new legislative package which is the most important and ambitious ever put on the table in terms of energy.

“The measures provided for will definitively give legitimacy to the Energy Union and support the strengthening of security of supply and energy transition, contributing to the decarbonisation of economies. The package will be one of the cornerstones of achieving our climate goals and commitments confirmed at COP 21,” he said, referring to the Paris Sustainable Innovation Forum.

In terms of energy efficiency, Minister Schneider endorsed the principle of “energy efficiency first”, provided that the same importance is attached to the development of renewable energies and the objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The minister considered that there should be no hierarchy between these three objectives, which are inseparable and complementary.

Minister Schneider said that he does not share the opinion of those who consider that a goal of simply reducing greenhouse gas emissions would be sufficient. He pointed out that it is often those who support nuclear power who defend such a position.