Luxembourg should participate in Eurovision 2017 (New petition)

eurovision 2017

A cultural question that raises its head every year is, “when is Luxembourg returning to Eurovision?” and 2016 is no exception as a new petition has been launched in an attempt to get the Grand Duchy back in the glitzy kitsch fest.

Luxembourg was not only a founding member of the EU, it was also one of the seven founding countries in the Eurovision Song Contest that began back in 1956 in Lugano, Switzerland.

The Grand Duchy then participated a total of 36 times and actually won five of them making it still today, one of the most successful countries in the competition. Due to new regulations and a lack of local media interest there was no Luxembourg entry in 1994, and there hasn’t been ever since.

The petitioner, who created “Petition 649” on the government’s official website, Sabrina Gérard, isn’t simply a Eurovision fan, but a musician herself and has participated in “The Voice of Germany”.

She believes that Luxembourg belongs in the Eurovision ‘family’ of countries, and hopes her petition will give it a boost. “Already the first countries have registered for ESC 2017, Luxembourg should not miss it again,” states the petition, before going on to raise the following arguments for the Grand Duchy’s hasty return to the contest.

Luxembourg will be able to show that:

  • The country is not just banks but also is rich in good musicians and composers.
  • It is willing to risk change.
  • It encourages and assists its population and their interest and in the ability of artists and their music.
  • It offers the possibility for musicians to become better known beyond the borders.
  • It allows its artists to expand their hobbies and passion for the profession.
  • It is part of Europe and part of the history of the contest
  • It encourages musicians in their development efforts.

Gérard also argues that given the very high audience rating, should Luxembourg return then it can be “profitable” in several ways such as priceless advertising for the country, and nation-branding. “The whole nation would cheer for its participants and develop a sense of belonging,” she explained before going on to say that the contest attracts “204 million viewers worldwide.”

Gérard concluded the petition by boldly stating, “Luxembourg should be heard from again and show that it exists …. also for its musicians.”

It remains to be seen whether the public agree with her and sign Petition 649

The petition can be signed electronically by anyone aged 15 or older who has a Luxembourg social security number.