In these countries you earn the most (our country is on the list)

The international platform Paylab collects a huge amount of information about salaries worldwide. For example, for seven hundred different positions, you can check what other people earn. Also useful information for your year-end meeting, right?

1. Switzerland

This country is now not really known to us as cheap, but that’s what salaries are for. In Switzerland, the salary is between 3658 euros and 11, 890 euros gross per month.

2. Liechtenstein

Here the average salary is 6024.76 euros. The minimum salary in this country is 2,945.91 euros, and the average highest salary is just under 10, 000 euros per month. Fun fact: Liechtenstein is also called a dwarf state.

3. Denmark

The fact that Denmark is high on this list may not surprise you. On average, between 3,181 euros and 9,240.44 euros are earned in this country. By the way, don’t be completely crazy, you also pay a lot more tax here than in many other countries. If you want to pack your bags to leave for Copenhagen, don’t forget to check out this city guide.

4. The United States

This is a tricky one: the differences are enormous in America, and the entire American system is also structured differently than how we are used to. The cost of health care can be enormous, but the differences between the US states are also great. According to Paylab, salaries in the USA are between 2485 euros and 9501 euros per month.

5. Luxembourg

The salary range in our country? Between 2575 euros and 8108 euros.