Global Ricoh Eco Action comes to Belgium and Luxembourg

As is customary every year, Ricoh organized another month of action in June around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. As in the rest of the world, the company also launched initiatives in Belgium and Luxembourg to make employees more aware of how they themselves can contribute to a healthier environment and a better society. In the margins, Ricoh announced a plan to reduce Scope 3 emissions.

From poverty to inequality and climate change: with Seventeen SDGs, the United Nations wants to create a more sustainable world by 2030. For years, Ricoh has been committed to aligning business growth with these sustainable development goals. In order to make employees aware of their role in achieving such a sustainable society, Ricoh actively engaged in internal activities and communication during the’global SDG Action Month ‘in June.

“Less food waste by cooking smarter and lying on an ecological towel”

Ricoh organized SDG activities around the world, and the company’s leaders shared their vision to encourage and inspire employees. Ricoh did not sit still in Belgium and Luxembourg either. For example, employees had the opportunity to test an e-bike for a whole week and could participate in a picnic in the park with cakes and cookies prepared by people in a social and inclusive context.

Employees were also allowed to register for various workshops. For example, there was a session in which Child Focus explained how the organization makes a difference and why it is important to become a volunteer. And through Mensura, a nutrition coach came to give a workshop around budget-friendly cooking, with tips on how to throw away less food and reduce time in the kitchen during the work week by cooking smarter on weekends. At the end of the SDG Action Month, all employees received an ecological towel so that they could start their summer vacation in a stylish and sustainable way.

Until a few years ago, Ricoh’S SDG initiative was mainly focused on environmental awareness and was then called ‘Global Ricoh Eco Action’. In the meantime, it is clear that sustainability is a much broader concept and that the social well-being of people also plays a major role. Of course, the planet remains a crucial pillar in Ricoh’s plans. Therefore, the company recently announced a new scenario for reducing Scope 3 greenhouse gases in the supply chain.

Scope 3 refers to the indirect emissions that occur in the value chain, but over which the company has no direct control. Ricoh’s scenario focuses on several categories that fall under it. For example, the company is committed to using recycled material and limiting the weight and size of products. Ricoh also strives to develop products in accordance with the International Energy Star Program and aims to be a pioneer in energy-saving performance.