Protection of the Seas Starts on Land, the message from Carole Dieschbourg in Malta

At the informal meeting of Ministers of Environment and Climate held on 25 and 26 April 2017 in Valletta, Malta, Environment Minister Carole Dieschbourg joined delegations to reduce plastic waste For the protection of the oceans and affirmed Luxembourg’s commitment to protection of marine systems through reduction of marine litter.

Minister Carole Dieschburg took the opportunity to call on her colleagues to implement the principles of the circular economy at all levels, including prevention and reduction of waste.

She joined forces with the Swedish and French initiatives to eliminate micro-plastics in cosmetic products, which contribute significantly to marine litter. Together with Austria, Luxembourg is one of the non-coastal states with a strong commitment to the reduction of land-based sources of marine litter.

Adaptation to climate change is one of the three pillars of the Paris agreement, alongside the mitigation and reorientation of financial flows towards a low-carbon economy. While water and agriculture are the main sectors affected by adaptation, these issues should be integrated into the different policy areas, which is done in the framework of the Luxembourg adaptation Is currently under development.

In this context, Minister Carole Dieschbourg also referred to the association of municipalities by means of the Climate Compact and Benelux’s action in this area. Finally, it also referred to international cooperation in river basins. Thus, as a member state of the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine (ICRP), Luxembourg coordinated the development of a scenario study on the hydrological regime of the Rhine in relation to climate change, The adaptation strategy to climate change adopted by the ICRP in 2015.