Japanese Ladies Association of Luxembourg Publishes New Welcome Brochure

Japanese Ladies Association of Luxembourg

The Japanese Ladies Association of Luxembourg has just published a new brochure, LUXLIFE, describing daily life in Luxembourg for newcomers from Japan.

The lunar calendar year 2017 is the year of the Rooster, meaning an awakening marked by success resulting of hard work and patience. The personality trait of this sign reveals tireless workers – generous, loyal, romantic and lovers of Luxury. All these characteristics and good omens to reveal the fruits of the on-going projects can surely apply to the Japanese Ladies Association of Luxembourg (JLA) founded in April 2012 and chaired by Makiko Witolla Hayashi.

Makiko comes from Nagoya, located between Tokyo and Osaka. After leaving abroad for many years, she settled with her family in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Attracting more than 300 members, the JLA is permanently promoting the Japanese culture and language through regular events and activities like the monthly Japanese conversation evenings – see https://www.facebook.com/JLAlux/.

Connecting Culture is the primary focus of the association. JAL was first helping the integration of the Japanese community moving in Luxembourg, organising French classes and providing information about occidental culture. Leaving in Luxembourg is quite different than in Japan, examples taken from the shop opening hours, which are quite short in comparison with Japan. Japanese products are also hard to find here and the weather in Luxembourg doesn’t facilitate the life for Japanese used to see the blue sky.

JLA has just published a leaflet (LUXLIFE) describing daily life in Luxembourg for newcomers from Japan and to foster a smooth settlement in this country. The leaflet can be obtained via the JLA website on https://jlaluxembourg.org/ Due to its rapid success, JLA has become also a central cultural point for non-Japanese members having interests in discovering the Japanese culture. Some events take place like the Tea ceremony organised by Japanese Embassy and the Wagashi workshop organised by JLA. Sharing the Japanese lifestyle is also having a great success with the Ikebana workshop (flower arranging), Sake tasting sessions, Sushi preparation, Calligraphy, fingernail beauty technique, etc. Every year, JLA participates in the International Bazaar, supported and cooperating with the Japanese Embassy and the International Bazaar Japanese stand executive Committee.

Fundraising is one activity carried by JLA to support Ashinaga orphaned students (educational assistance, summer camp and Rainbow Houses in Tokyo and Kobe where the children can benefit of some assistance by professionals).

The Japanese community is also proposing some Japanese courses in the premises of the ISL in Luxembourg-Merl for young students.

The bridge between Japan and Luxembourg is now well in existenceand thanks to JAL with their multi-activities, a sustainable denominator for these exchanges and an antenna of Japan in Luxembourg.