PM Xavier Bettel Celebrates National Day in Vienna

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister and Minister of State, Xavier Bettel, visited the Federal Republic of Austria on the occasion of the Luxembourg national holiday and attended celebrations at the Luxembourg Embassy in Vienna.

The Luxembourg Prime Minister also met with the Austrian Chancellor, Christian Kern, who was welcomed by PM Bettel as a guest of honour at the Luxembourg Embassy.

With a visit to Vienna, PM Bettel continues the tradition of the past few years and has now visited Austria, Germany, Belgium and France, another country in which many Luxembourgers live. In particular, the community of Luxembourg students in Austria is very large (with more than 900 students) mainly in Vienna, Innsbruck and Salzburg.

In his speech, the Prime Minister emphasised the special relationship between Austria and Luxembourg, and recalled the history of both countries. The partnership with Austria is very close and the Prime Minister expressly thanked Federal Chancellor Christian Kern for the hospitality of the Federal Republic: “You must know that we are very aware of this extraordinary friendship and friendliness. If I find out here tonight that many Luxembourgers stay in Austria after their studies… it is a proof that my countrymen feel comfortable and see a perspective for themselves and their family. At the same time, this is an achievement of a Europe that has grown together and has become self-evident today. We should keep that in mind and, if necessary, defend it with all our decisiveness.”

On the sidelines of the event at the Luxembourg Embassy, ​​the Prime Minister also spoke with Chancellor Kern about the upcoming challenges in the European Union and discussed the outcome of the European Council meeting on Thursday and Friday.

In addition, PM Bettel had a meeting with the Luxembourg honorary consuls in Austria. The Prime Minister presented the most recent economic data and discussed current priorities in Luxembourg’s foreign representation with representatives of Luxembourg in the Federal Republic.