Luxembourgers will protest before the US Embassy

After the decision of the US Supreme Court to revoke the right to abortion, a protest rally will be held in front of the US Embassy in the Grand Duchy at 12.30 on Tuesday.

The revocation of the right to abortion in the USA has caused a shock wave internationally, with numerous demonstrations in the USA, but also in Europe. Also in Luxembourg, the organization of a protest in front of the U.S. Embassy on Tuesday between 12.30 and 13 Clock mobile.

A sit-in on the initiative of the association Planning Familial Luxembourg and the platform JIF (Journée international des Femmes), which brings together 20 organizations working for equality between women and men. “Come and shout out your anger and fight with us, for equality and for all women who are denied self-determination about their body and thus about their future – reproductive, personal, social, professional,” the announcement of the event on Facebook reads. A permit from the City of Luxembourg is still pending.

The organizers stressed that women’s rights must be defended even without an immediate threat: “This ruling affects all women and reminds us of the extent of the conservative threat to women’s rights around the world. The right to abortion needs to be defended more than ever.»

In Luxembourg, any woman can apply for a voluntary termination of pregnancy before the end of the twelfth week of pregnancy or before the 14th week after the absence of the period. “After the expiration of this period, an abortion can still be made if two qualified doctors confirm in writing that the pregnancy poses a danger to the health or life of the pregnant woman or the unborn child, ” the Ministry of Health website says.