Luxembourg Unemployment Rate Remains at 6.0%

At the end of June 2017, the rate of unemplyment in the Grand Duchy stood at 6.0%, with a total of 15,235 job-seekers registered at ADEM, Luxembourg’s unemployment agency, representing a decrease of 720 persons, i.e. 4.5%, over the past 12 months.

The 6.0% unemployment rate is unchanged since the end of April, nd is 0.4% below the level of June 2016. This is made up of jobseekers with health problems (-5.7% over one year), low-skilled job-seekers (-8.6%) and long-term job seekers, i.e. those registered for at least 12 months (-7.2%).

The number of people benefitting from employment measures is down from 5,441 in June 2016 to 5,422 in June 2017. June 2017 is the 14th consecutive month in which this number has been

declining. On the other hand, for some measures, quite large increases havve bbeen recorded, such as special measures (+136 persons over one year) or training measures (+107 persons over one year).

During June 2017, employers declared 2,883 vacancies at ADEM, which is equivalent to an increase of 9.0% compared to June 2016.