Angry neighbour of Haut-Fays run with chainsaw after moped riders

Two teenagers were attacked on Friday evening in the municipality of Haut-Fays by an angry neighbour wielding a chainsaw, as reported by the Luxembourg Public Prosecutor’s Office on Saturday. The 44-year-old man was arrested but has since been released.

Two youths, aged sixteen and seventeen, were riding on a moped through the village of Haut-Fays. When they briefly stopped there, they were assaulted by an angry neighbour. The man entered his house and returned shortly after with a functioning chainsaw.

He struck the moped with the chainsaw, partially sawing through the seat. As he attempted to grab his helmet, one of the two teenagers was struck in the shoulder and hands by the chainsaw. He sustained minor injuries.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the individual carrying the chainsaw at the time of the incident was under the influence of alcohol. He was deprived of his freedom around 20:30 and subsequently conditionally released. The case is under investigation.