Clos des Rochers Reports Promising Riesling Harvest


On Friday 4 November, the vineyard of Clos des Rochers harvested Riesling grapes from its great “Groäerd” terroir.

Located in the “Fels” in Grevenmacher, this terraced vineyard has once again produced a harvest of exceptional quality. The grapes, which had reached optimum maturity in a perfect state of health, had a sugar level of 95° Oechsle.

Time and patience are the keywords of the “Groäerd” Riesling winemaking when it is known that the 2015 crop will be bottled only at the end of November 2016 and not be marketed until the autumn of 2017.

Limited to very low yields of the order of 30 hl per hectare, this vineyard produces concentrated wines and longevity. A rare wine for lovers of great Riesling.