Plans to visit Luxembourg affected by high fuel price

Even 2.08 euros is still pricey but the price in our country has become almost prohibitive. That 0.17 eurocent excise reduction has already evaporated so cabinet reduce the price as Germany has done.

The advantage then is that the people who live on the German border no longer refuel there or it has to be because groceries there are also cheaper than here. In that regard, something can also be done about this for the groceries, reduce the VAT because for the rest everything will only become more expensive.

Meet the citizens because we are drowning en masse. We plan to drive to Luxembourg once every six months for smoked products and other things are much cheaper there than here.

So we fill the Treasury here less because it pays to drive a lot despite the expensive gasoline but then stock up massively (also for friends/family who then pay for the gasoline among themselves so we drive there/back for free).

In short; equalize prices with surrounding countries where they are lower, that will only be a positive boost for our citizens, we can use some space. Better now a little less income in the treasury than soon nothing more and many citizens will eventually become homeless, and then?