World of Jules Verne comes to Luxembourg

The world and imagination of Jules Verne came to Luxembourg at the weekend for the annual “Steampunk Convention” at Fond-de-Gras in the south of the country, Wort.Lu reports.

Men in top hats and women in majestic dresses, all decorated with various metal bits and bobs, graced their presence, recreating a fantasy world that that become a bit of a subculture today.

“Steampunk” based on Jules Verne’s universe, is a world that relies of gear-driven mechanics and steam power rather than internal combustion engines, all topped off with Victorian style clothing.

But dressing up wasn’t all that was on offer as street performers, musicians and jugglers created a festive atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.

A Victorian market was also on offer together the steam trains running behind the scenes of Fond-de-Gras. The Steampunk Convention continued until Sunday evening.