Orlando massacre: European liberals and democrats express solidarity with the victims

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European liberals and democrats deeply regret and condemn the terrible massacre perpetrated against the LGBTI community on Sunday in Orlando. The thoughts of the ALDE group go out to the victims and their loved ones. ALDE calls on the Commission to present a legislative proposal to prevent and penalise homophobic hate crime.

Guy Verhofstadt, ALDE Group president, said: “Violence against LGBTI people is unfortunately not a relic from the past. The LGBTI community is still being a victim of discrimination, violence and threats every day across the world”.

“We must stand together against homophobia, violence and hate speech”.

“Terror and hatred should have no place in our societies “.

ALDE Group first vice-president Sophie In’ t Veld, who joined yesterday the gay pride in Kiev, added: ” Our solidarity is today with the victims and the entire LGBTI community”.

“Yesterday was supposed to be a day for celebration. Despite several threats by hooligans and neo-nazi groups, the gay pride in Kiev was a fantastic success. 1500 pride marchers embraced diversity yesterday in Ukraine and paved the way for a more open-minded country”.

“Extremists had announced yesterday a “bloodbath” in Kiev, but they failed, thanks to good police protection. Tragically, the bloodbath took place on the other side of the globe, in Orlando”.

“The strong homophobic dimension of this massacre cannot be brushed under the carpet. Extremism and homophobia are present everywhere. It is our obligation to find all possible ways to combat it”.

“That is why we call upon the Commission to finally come forward with legislation on homophobic hate crime”.