Tom Barret nominated by Biden as an ambassador of US to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett is expected to be nominated as the ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg by President Joe Biden. If Barrett is confirmed by the Senate, he will step down from his mayoral duties to take on this new role. The United States embassy is located in the country’s capital.

Wisconsin has both a village and a town of Luxemburg, located in Kewaunee County.

According to “The Romance of Wisconsin Place Names” by Robert Gard, immigrants from Luxembourg who’d settled north of Milwaukee requested a post office in 1857 and asked for it to be called “Luxembourg.” A group of settlers from Belgium, living about 82 miles north, submitted the name “Belgium” for their post office around the same time. Somehow, the names were flipped, and the Belgians’ town was named Luxemburg and vice versa.