Michelin has announced the 2022 selection of the Michelin guide in Luxembourg

Michelin has announced the 2022 selection of the Michelin guide Belgium and Luxembourg at the Royal Theatre in Bergen. With a total of 841 restaurants, including 141 starred restaurants and 147 Bib Gourmand restaurants, this latest edition stands out for the impressive number of new awards. “In addition, this 2022 edition demonstrates the excellence of our talented chefs. The proof: 1 new restaurant with three MICHELIN Stars, 3 new shops with two MICHELIN stars and no less than 16 chefs who are awarded a MICHELIN star. In addition, this edition also includes 1 New Green MICHELIN star and 24 new Bib Gourmand restaurants”, says the organization.

“Our team of inspectors was particularly under pressure from the commitment and creativity of the chefs in Belgium and Luxembourg, despite the particularly difficult conditions in 2021. All the novelties that we incorporate in this edition, with another new restaurant with three MICHELIN stars, illustrate the culinary buzz and entrepreneurship that fuel the culinary scene. The personality of the gastronomic concepts, the care given to the reception of the customers and the will to apply a sustainable form of gastronomy are remarkable tendencies that make Belgium and Luxembourg top European destinations for gourmets”, says Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides.

Boury achieves the highest accolade

After having two MICHELIN stars for four years, Tim Boury is definitely rising to the global culinary top. It is an example of contemporary gastronomy. In his brick villa in Roeselare, chef Boury brings small creations and bundles classic depth and creative momentum into the plate. He is a master of sublimating luxury products. Whether that happens with a complex interplay of flavors and textures or straight-forward with a stunning sauce: every dish approaches perfection. A visit to Boury is a feast for gourmets, who will also not be unexpected for the cozy atmosphere and attentive service of Hostess Inge.

Belgium has three restaurants with three MICHELIN stars. Peter Goossens of Hof van Cleve (Kruishoutem) and Viki Geunes van Zilveren (Antwerp) also provide their guests with an emotional experience every day. These masters of their craft, artisans pur sang, are examples for every chef.

Three new restaurants awarded two MICHELIN stars

The Michelin guide Belgium and Luxembourg 2022 even lists three new restaurants with two MICHELIN stars. It’s part of a reunion with old acquaintances.

Gert De Mangeleer and sommelier Joachim Boudens brought their Duke Jan back to life in luxury hotel Botanic Sanctuary (Antwerp). The creative soul of chef De Mangeleer, minute and extreme edited, focuses even more on Asian depth today. Yves Mattagne has put the completely restyled La Villa Lorraine (Brussels) back to his hand. Respecting the classic taste for which this legendary house is known, but also with its characteristic finesse and inventive subtlety. Like these two toppers, Thijs Vervloet from Colette-de Vijvers (Averbode) is also a lover of the most beautiful products that can be found. His hair-fine technique and the way he appropriates classic recipes leave no one untouched. In the enchanting setting of the Merode Nature Park, in the middle of the ponds, this establishment offers an unforgettable gastronomic interlude.

16 new restaurants are awarded a MICHELIN star for the first time

The palmares of our 2022 Selection will be even more penetrating: no less than 16 restaurants will receive a MICHELIN star. Antwerp is again very well represented. Whether it’s the original approach to Asian flavours at DIM Dining, the contemporary class of Fine Fleur or the classic generation of Nebo: the city of Antwerp remains the place to be for gourmets.

Creative centipede Martijn Defauw of Rebelle (Marke) will also be rewarded with a star, as will the fine originality of Alex Verhoeven (Hert in Turnhout) and the personality of Ken Verschueren of Tinèlle (Mechelen). Ruben Christiaens of Vintage (Kontich) speaks with his interplay of Asian flavours and Nordic influences. For a refined product kitchen you should definitely go to den Hert (Wannegem-Lede) and Sense (Waasmunster). And we also like to put Fleur De Lin (Zele) and Aurum by Gary Kirchens (Ordingen) in the picture, for their contemporary elegance and power.

The intuitive gastronomy of ¡Toma! (Liège) takes us to Wallonia. Thomas Troupin cooks close to nature, just as Arden (Villers-sur-Lesse) emphasizes regional products. Technical management and daring typesalso the youthful Quai n ° 4 (Ath). For an inner song of praise of the Japanese tradition, you must be in Luxembourg, at Ryôdô. La Villa De Camille et Julien (Luxembourg) is the second new star from the Grand Duchy, where chef Julien cooks more classic and closer to the local terroir.

Restaurant ¡Toma! Liège receives a green MICHELIN star for its commitment to Sustainable Gastronomy

The Green MICHELIN star entered the Michelin guide Belgium and Luxembourg last year and in 2021 awarded ten restaurants for their remarkable commitment to and philosophy of Sustainable Gastronomy. An eleven restaurant will be added to this selection. The commitment to a sustainable approach to gastronomy is in the DNA of restaurant ¡Toma! in the Liege. Thomas Troupin is all about respect. For the product, for its suppliers, for its staff. His well-thought-out dishes arise from the necessary reflection, nothing is accidental. The story of this green MICHELIN star makes people think.


The MICHELIN Guide is committed to rewarding all those who contribute to unexpected dining experiences, and wants to put young talents in the spotlight on the basis of Awards.

The MICHELIN Young Chef Award, presented by San Pellegrino, goes to Ruben Christiaens from restaurant Vintage in Kontich. The 26-year-old chef, who has worked in top restaurants such as Eleven Madison Park in New York and Vollmers in Malmö, impressed the inspectors of the MICHELIN Guide with his technical mastery and his ability to create remarkable dishes that took their taste buds on a refined and intense journey.

Maxime Sanzot of restaurant Racines in Floreffe receives the Sommelier Award, presented by Ruffus. In this case, a combination of restaurant, Wine Bar and gourmet shop, Maxime Sanzot delights with his talent both in the selection of rare and unusual nectars and in his ability to advise his guests with tact and meticulous neatness.
24 new restaurants outside a Bib Gourmand

The 2022 edition also awards 147 Bib Gourmand awards, including 24 new ones. Restaurants with a Bib Gourmand guarantee excellent value for money. Among the new addresses, gourmets looking for exotic flavors will be able to enjoy the Greek cuisine of Strofilia in Brussels, Italian preparations at Fico in Ixelles, Bottega Vannini in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe or la cantinetta in Grivegnée. At maïs (Eigenbrakel) the dishes are a tribute to Thai cuisine, while at La Fermette des Pins (Buvrinnes) the imprint is on more traditional flavors served in a rural setting.

The MICHELIN guide Belgium and Luxembourg 2022-an overview:

Restaurant all kitchens:

  • 3 restaurants with three MICHELIN stars (1 New);
  • 23 restaurants with two MICHELIN Stars (3 new);
  • 115 restaurants with a MICHELIN star (16 new);
  • 11 restaurants with a green MICHELIN Star (1 New);
  • 147 Bib Gourmand restaurants (24 new).