‘A great honour’: the Parisian Notre-Dame windows are being restored in Cologne

France and Germany have joined forces for the restoration of Notre-Dame, which burned down in 2019. Cologne experts are restoring four stained-glass windows of the cathedral.

Glass experts from the construction Department of Cologne Cathedral are currently cleaning the panes, gluing cracks in the glass and soldering breaks in the lead mesh. They also apply new cement to the outside of the windows.

The reinstallation of the windows in Paris will be done by the same department from Cologne, with the help of French experts. First, the four windows must be cleared of lead dust, which covered the panes during the fire on april 15, 2019. The most famous church building in Paris is scheduled to reopen in 2024.

The French authorities in charge of the restoration of the Cathedral have asked several expert workshops to contribute to the restoration work. The building Department of Cologne Cathedral supports the restoration by taking care of the windows. The four windows were created in 1965 by stained glass artist Jacques Le Chevallier.