Thierry Mousset Wins Emerging Directors’ Support Grant

Luxembourg’s National Cultural Fund, FOCUNA, has announced that Thierry Mousset has won the support grant for emerging directors in 2017/18.

Mousset was awarded the grant for mentoring Thorsten Lensing in Berlin during his new production, which will be co-produced by the Theatres of the Ville de Luxembourg, Chronicle reports.

A young director, Mousset undertook theatre training in Luxembourg before pursuing it further at the University of Cambridge and SciencesPo Paris. Starting as an assistant and playwright at many institutions, including the Barbican Centre in London, he has had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned artists such as Pierre Audi, Denis Marleau and Ivo Van Hove. In 2016, Mousset worked on the project “Luxembourg-Afghanistan” as part of TalentLAB #16, a new initiative set up by the Theatres of the City of Luxembourg and Théâtre du Centaure to encourage promising talents in Luxembourg.

The National Cultural Fund grant will help Mousset with the playwriting and plot creation of an ambitious artistic project, in this case an adaptation of David Foster Wallace’s novel “Infinite Jest”, under the direction of Thorsten Lensing. The play’s premiere will take place in Berlin in March 2018, followed by performances in various German theatres as well as in the Grand Theatre of Luxembourg.