Not all Luxembourg royals celebrate the National Day

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg celebrated on Thursday. Every year on June 23, the national holiday – the official celebration of the birthday of Grand Duke Henri-is celebrated. Henri (67) has a birthday in April, but already since the reign of his grandmother, Grand Duchess Charlotte, the birthday of the head of State is celebrated at the beginning of summer.

Festivities began throughout the grand duchy on the eve of the national holiday, which included a torchlight procession and a large fireworks show in the capital.

On Thursday, the holiday kicked off with an official ceremony at the Philharmonie Luxembourg with music, speeches and the presentation of awards to Luxembourgers who have made a contribution to society. In addition to the Grand Ducal couple, their children Guillaume, Louis and Alexandra, daughter-in-law Stéphanie and grandson Gabriel (16) were present. Prince Sébastien, Prince Félix and wife Claire were absent from the festivities.