No penalty to mobile users for quitting contracts in wake of roaming law

Luxembourg’s mobile phone customers will be able to exit their contracts — without incurring a penalty charge — if operators raise prices to offset the outlawing of roaming charges by the European Union.

Roaming charges are an extra tariff when clients make calls outside their home country. Their removal will mean clients will pay the same wherever they are in the 28-nation bloc as they do in Luxembourg.

In a response to a parliamentary question from CSV MP Laurent Mosar about the new roaming law, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel said operators must inform contract holders at least one month before June 15, when the new conditions come into force. They must also remind customers of their termination rights.

“If the customer chooses to sign a new contract with another operator before terminating the existing one, the customer can nevertheless keep the same number according to the rules,” Bettel said.

Regulator, Institut Luxembourgeois de RĂ©gulation (ILR), will be able to fine operators who do not conform to the law, which was passed by the Luxembourg parliament earlier this month.