Amazon will work in Luxembourg cause of taxes

The company Amazon is structured own business in Luxembourg. Two of its companies to merge in this country. It is the Amazon Europe Core S. à.r.l. and the Amazon Europe Holdings Technologies S. à.r.l..

In 2003, Amazon made an agreement with Luxembourg. On the Basis of this, the group founded the two subsidiaries. Amazon Europe Core S. à.r.l. to develop in the future, the intellectual property of the Amazon group, to protect and exploit, it is called in the trade magazine “Lebensmittel Zeitung”.
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The group’s offshoot, plays therefore a key role in the control model of the E-Commerce giant. Amazon had over years of high profits in Luxembourg, paid for by legal Tricks, and complicated constructs that have little or no income tax.

What is the impact of this merger on the future tax burden of the group, is still unclear. Amazon will not comment on this yet.

The revenue from license transactions, and interest is likely to be much more transparent, and writes the “food newspaper”.

May be, the tax rate falls in the future is higher, because Europe Core, a Société à responsabilité limitée (S. à.r.l.) . The technology company was until shortly before the merger, a closed-end limited partnership, not to the Luxembourg corporate income tax was subject to, it says in the journal.
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As a result of the LuxLeaks affair, the EU tightened the pace to the existing tax