Petition for a second referendum was signed by 1.5M Britons

1.5 million Britons signed an online petition to hold a second referendum on EU membership. The number continues to grow before our eyes thanks to the unprecedented activity of British Internet users. “We, the undersigned, urge her Majesty’s government to apply the rule that if you voted for or against it (EU membership) is less than 60% and lower 75%, that should be held another referendum,” reads the petition text.

Under British law, the initiative rassmatrivaetsya in Parliament if it gathers more than 100 thousand signatures.

A referendum in the UK on 23 June. The morning of the 24th, when the votes were counted, it was found that 51.9% of wish to care of the country from the ranks of the European Union. Turnout in the vote was 72.2 per cent. After the results were announced, Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation, explaining that he wants to grant the right to the new Premier to lead the country on the citizens of the selected path.