What happened in Hannover 24/06/2016? (Luxherald)

What happened in Hannover? Usually it is done with two hours: as a rule, flight of Luxair Hamburg Saarbruecken to Luxembourg/city starts according to schedule on Friday evening at 19.55 hrs, arrival – with a stop in Saarbrücken on the Findel to 21.55. It had hoped the Passing of the flight last Friday evening. But for you, it should take far longer.

An eye-witness report, the information can not be verified, was broadcast in Saarbrücken Radio: How is a flight booked on the editorial Board of the Saarland Runkfunks (SR) reported on Saturday afternoon live on the air, have not reached the Luxair machine Hamburg to bad weather and equally bad conditions on the runway.

Even the ground staff have, however, criticized then a subsequent redirection of the machine to Hannover. Resentment among the passengers, had become loud. Information of the Luxembourg Central didn’t give it to but also for the employees of Luxair. With the Taxi, the passengers had been brought finally to Hannover.
Lost in Hannover

However, his Hamburg-based taxi driver, the SR-husband, had not denied on the airport grounds in Hanover, and his group just at the first point deducted. It was also at the airport, the former EXPO city is the first, no further care of Luxair. Only a message through an electronic reporting system in an unoccupied switch passengers would have on themselves and their situation.

You would then be able to increase, ultimately, in the Hanover-landed machine, but even then, it took yet another hour, until the plane can start. Also during the flight there had been no further information.
Even more complications

Because of the airport Ensheim existing night flight ban the far-late machine, after all, not in Saarbrücken between land. Arrival in Luxembourg/city for all: against 3 o’clock at night.

The passengers who had expected to stop in the Saarland, then still need to spend one and a half hours in the Bus, until they had Ensheim achieved. For the Luxembourg passengers so a five hour delay, for the saarbrücken passengers for more than seven hours.

The disappointed passengers should be at the Findel complaint forms and documents to the passenger right-handed. The implicit conclusion of the report: Although the weather vagaries understandable, but the lack of flexibility and information policy of Luxair to employees and passengers – his statements reinforced the SR-editor with audio interviews of his fellow travelers.