Quick and civilised divorce is the only way, Jean Asselborn

Jean Asselborn

Luxembourg foreign Minister Jean Asselborn has called for a quick and “civilized divorce” after London Brexit.

The divorce should go “in a civilized manner on the stage – out of respect for the British voters, and also out of respect for Europe,” said Asselborn on Friday in Luxembourg on the sidelines of a meeting of EU foreign Ministers on the consequences of “Brexit”. He hoped that “very quickly” to an agreement with the UK on the practicalities of leaving the EU and no more fighting over the interpretation of article 50 of the EU Treaty. This regulates the procedure in case of a leak.
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“This is a sad day today. We have lost a lot. And I also believe that the UK has lost a lot,” said Asselborn. It is important that the EU make serious with one-time decisions: “Otherwise, it may happen that many people in other countries of the European Union have similar thoughts as in the UK – and we must prevent it.”