Behind the Palace walls, something big is brewing

The court simply comes to rest: After it became known that a press Secretary has terminated, and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa cancelled from ominous reasons, an appointment, had to comment on the Luxembourg government to the matter. Recently, the third press Secretary announced within three-quarters of a year. Then Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg (60), said a major appointment from the “family reasons”. Now, a satirical newspaper about the conditions on the farm funny and forcing the government of the country, to comment on the Situation. The pure Chaos!

From the front: The Luxembourg satirical newspaper “De neie Feierkrop” had reported that there had been at the beginning of June, following a meeting between the Grand Duke Henri (61), and government representatives. The result was that the government should have a say in the occupation of Hofangestellten in the future. The resist justice Minister Félix Braz said, and noted that the personnel policy of the court was the responsibility of the government. “There was no crisis meeting because of problems at the Grand-Ducal court,” he said last Saturday (18. June) in the RTL show “Background”.
Irritating Reports

Perhaps this decision would not have been bad for quite a large fluctuation at the Grand-Ducal court. As before, one and a half weeks, spokesman Oswald Schröder terminated in his probationary period. He is the third speaker since October of last year, his hat. One reason could be the target of modernization.

Particularly precarious at this time: According to the “De neie Feierkrop” is said to have concealed the external adviser of the court, Chantal Selva, a court judgment. As you should now get the national holiday, a religious, be gone Duchess Maria Teresa (60) short-hand on a trip to Switzerland and missed the visit of the Romanian President couple. At the time, was only communicated to, Maria Terese was missing from “family reasons”. The newspaper reports is “the”, that the asset management “not everything was in order”. How much truth is in all the Reports is unclear.