Under the Bulls’ pressure: The Luxembourg Stock Exchange to open as normal

The labour market is still on the rise. The unemployment rate falls to 6.5 percent, almost 900 people found within one year of a Job again. The unemployment rate in Luxembourg fell in may. At the reporting date on the 31. May were here exactly 16.331 people without work, up by 5.2 percent, less than a year ago. The unemployment rate was at 6.5 percent, the lowest level in three years.

In may 2015, the proportion still stood at 6.9 percent. The positive Trend in the domestic labour market, which was launched in January 2015, is therefore continuing. In may, the employment Agency (Adem) have been reported 3033 Vacancies – a fifth more than in the same period of the previous year.

More opportunities for difficult cases

Contrary to the beginning of the year 2015 is also difficult to place workers now get a Chance to get back in Luxembourg. The number of long-time labour force fell within a year by 3.4 percent, as the Adem noted in a Communiqué. At the same time, older unemployed and unemployed with health problems is more Jobs.

A total of 6520 people in the may unemployment benefits from the Adem. Of the 373 persons less than on December 31. May 2015. 5502 people have spent the past month in the so-called job-creation measures (minus 1.5 percent).