Luxembourg court sentences paedophile exhibitionist to 36 months in prison

Three years in prison, of which 18 months on parole. That’s the sentence imposed upon a 38-year old man from Luxembourg who had sent sexually explicit messages via Facebook to a 13-year old and a 17-year old girl in October 2015.

The court decided on 18 months on parole in order to allow the condemned man to undergo psychiatric treatment. Furthermore, the educator will see himself imposed a 10-year ban on every kind of work that involves direct interaction with children and adolescents.

Long criminal record

Joaquim José E. is a repeat offender and had already been sentenced to four years in prison back in February, because he had exposed his genitalia to a four year old girl in a public restroom.

During a house search, authorities discovered traces of 440 photos and 409 videos related to child pornography on the man’s personal computer – E. had tried to delete the incriminating material without success.

In 2001, he had already been convicted to 15 months in prison on parole due to the possession of child pornographic images.

During the trial, E stated that he was suffering under a deranged sexuality and that he would want for nothing more than to get rid of it.