EU parliament demands progress in ensuring women’s sexual reproductive health

The European Parliament voted in favour of a resolution on sexual reproductive health and rights of women on Thursday (24 June), calling on member states to ensure access to abortion, contraception and sexuality education.

The resolution, spearheaded by Croatian socialist MEP Predrag Matić, covers comprehensive sexual health education, contraception, abortion, fertility treatment care, protection of rights of LGBTI+ persons and vulnerable groups.

With 378 votes in favour, 255 against and 42 abstentions, the plenary urged member states to ensure high quality, comprehensive and accessible sexual and reproductive health services for women.

Matić said during the plenary debate on Wednesday (23 June) that this far-reaching decision will have an impact on more than 250 million European women.

Abortion has to be accessible and legal

The resolution calls on member states to ensure universal access to safe and legal abortion, and guarantee that abortion on request is legal in early pregnancy, and beyond if the pregnant person’s health is in danger.