Federica Mogherini: have made their choice, EU should be strong

Federica Mogherini

Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini on the outcome of the referendum in the United Kingdom. The British citizens have made their choice to leave our Union. However much we regret this decision, we respect it.

The challenges we are facing are too pressing for us to afford any institutional uncertainty. This is why we will move forward on the basis of our shared values and interests and why we will keep working for the security and the well-being of our citizens, for the inclusiveness and the resilience of our societies, and for a more just and more cooperative world.

The European Union is and will continue to be a strong actor, and a reliable partner to our friends all around the world. We will continue to act as a force for peace, a provider of security, and a staunch supporter of international cooperation and multilateralism.

Disengagement is not an option, but neither is business as usual. Our Union is the best way to respond to our citizens’ needs and aspirations, and this requires a profound reflection on how to make it deliver effectively.

Tough times call for even greater leadership and resolve, and for even more unity. Unity of purpose is our strength and our citizens – and the entire world – need a strong European Union like never before.