Prince Louis and Princess Tessy are getting a divorce

The Grand Ducal court announced the following in a press release. “Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess regret to announce that Prince Louis and Princess Tessy have decided to divorce. In these painful circumstances, they rely on the understanding of all and ask to respect the privacy of the couple and their children.”

The couple married in 2006, shortly after their first son, Prince Gabriel, was born. Their second son, Prince Noah was born one year later.

Prince Louis (30) is the third son of Grand Duke Henri. When he married Tessy (31), a regular citizen at the time, he had to give up his place in the ranking order for Luxembourg’s throne.

Tessy Antony, originally from Niederkorn, joined Luxembourg’s Army when she was 18. From March until August 2004, she volunteered to join the United Nations peace keeping mission in Kosovo as the only woman. During this time, she met Prince Louis who was also member of the army.

In September 2005, the public was informed of their relationship for the first time, after the Grand Ducal court announced that Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa were looking forward to meeting their first grand child. Prince Louis was 19 at that time.

The couple’s first son Gabriel Michael Ronny was born on March 12, 2006 in Geneva. A few months later, on September 29, 2006, Prince Louis and Princess Tessy married. On the occasion of the National Day celebrations of 2009, Grand Duke Henri awarded the titles of “Princess of Luxembourg, Princess of Nassau and of Bourbon Parme” to Tessy. Son Gabriel is ten today, his younger brother Noah Etienne Guillaume Gabriel Matthias Xavier is nine.

Princess Tessy is working as “Director of communications” for English security company DS-48. The company specialises in protection of valuables, electronic communications and celebrities. Prince Louis studied communications in London and received his degree in 2014. He is active in the field of corporate responsibility.