Luxembourg – the future model for EU

Grand Duke Henri

Luxembourg – a model for the future is the beginning of his speech, Grand Duke Henri on the refugee crisis and “extremely impressed” by the solidarity of the people in the country to the thousands of migrants who came to us last year.

“Unity, solidarity, and the ability to look to the future together, are not abstract words,” the head of state. And also the Fears of the people, in this context, Duke white Duke Henri and calms: “The significant improvement in the economic development is reflected in our ability to always re-adjust. Thanks to this strength, is well positioned to master the current challenges.“ 23. June in Luxembourg, will also look beyond its boundaries in the direction of the United Kingdom, where the citizens decide on EU membership. “This decision,” the Grand-Duke Henri for sure, “will affect the development of a pan-European project.” Especially, since the current mood in the European Union “is not anywhere the best”.

The importance of Europe for Luxembourg

It had opened in the meantime, a trench, between the expectations of the people and the way that Europe works, warns the Grand Duke Henri and asks: “Should belong to our country to those who doubt sprinkle? I can’t believe it.“

Because Luxembourg is connected to Europe so tight, like no other country. “Everything we are today, a country with prosperity, with an open, tolerant and multi-cultural society – all of which we owe to an idea that has since the fifties, the whole of the continent of peace and economic recovery.”

A University of the Grand Duchy

To the European Integration, especially specific projects, in addition to norms and institutions. Such a the University of Luxembourg. It provides “one of the most beautiful illustrations of the structural changes that have opened in our country in new ways,” said Grand Duke Henri, reported that the University has incurred as a result of a mentality change.

Previously it was thought to need young people to Study abroad, to send, to the change in the Luxembourg environment has led to a rethinking. Founding the University of Luxembourg has worn “the European development in this area and the great project of a University with enthusiasm addressed.” Today the University, with its research centres, Start-Ups, Luxembourgish and foreign students one of the pillars was based on what the future of Luxembourg.

Grand Duke Henri is delighted that Luxembourg was able to prepare for the future, without forgetting its roots and wishes that the country can be with its “diverse and just society, a Model.”