Ongoing war with Russia is feeding everyone from the President to MPs – Andriy Dovbenko

Managing partner of the Evris law company Andriy Dovbenko who became quite a celebrity after the publication of report on the fund looting has commented about difficulties of struggling with corruption in Ukraine.

After a scandalous story with Trade Commodity company which was managed by President’s closest allies EU has reviewed its unquestionable support for the current administration. Europe is not turning the blind eye to the corrupted leadership any more. Offshore companies and blind trusts in charge of Poroshenko’s personal wealth is no more a taboo in discussion. The push for independent anti-corruption prosecution clearly shows that the friends of Ukraine is fed up with demagoguery and are determined to control the inflow of international aim to struggling Ukraine.

Mossack Fonseca & Cо. leak [Panama Papers] has shown the world the unscrupulous approach to the state&business separation fundamentals. Trade Commodity affair has gone further – lawyer commented – it swiped off the traces of credibility of the leaders. Close ties of Granovski and Poroshenko became indisputable.

The political establishment needs to be rebuilt from scratch. International community should keep a close watch on the fund inflow to Ukraine. Independent corruption prosecution should reinforce any existing agencies in charge of the problem. The next President, PM and ministers should do their job under strict watch of prosecution.

As for now it is nearly impossible to prosecute even MPs. There is no way to bring President, PM and ministers to justice – Dovbenko said. The whole codex needs to be rewritten to make it possible.

I am far away from politics. By voting for Poroshenko in 2014 I’ve voted for the future of Ukraine. Now I alongside millions of his voters see it betrayed. But I am sure: we’ve learned the hard and necessary lesson.

I’ve been in EU last week. I met some political and social leaders, diaspora activists. Many of them are ready to help to fight corruption in the Ukrainian leadership. They do believe in the future of our country – the future of flourishing and independent Ukraine. But until now the power belongs to those who made a fortune by ravaging the army, children and helpless citizens – the lawyer told us.

Andriy Dovbenko, photo

Andriy Dovbenko, photo

Andiy Dovbenko is the managing partner of Evris law company. He is councillor of Minister of Justice of Ukraine. Dovbenko has been acting as the head of Andreas Neocleous & Co regional branch. In 2016 he survived a massive media attack organized by his foes. He was accused in participation in money laundering for his former chief, fugitive oligarch Sergey Kurchenko. He was also pointed out as one of the leading organizers of Ministry of Justice ring of corruption. Dovbenko was forced to flee the country. Later he managed to prove innocence, cleared of all accusations and returned to serve the homeland. He is doing it despite constant pressure of corrupt Ukrainian officials.

Photo credits: Business Insider