Republic Sierra Leone opens consulate in Luxembourg

On Tuesday evening, the official opening of the Consulate of the Republic of Sierra Leone in Luxembourg took place in the presence of Luxembourg’s Minister for Health, Lydia Mutsch, at the Casino d’Art Contemporainvin Luxembourg city centre.

Minister Mutsch congratulated Mrs. Marianne Nati for her nomination as Consul-General of Sierra Leone in Luxembourg. Minister Mutsch referred to the name Sierra Leone having been linked to one of the biggest sanitary crises of the last decades, Ebola, and described how she was confronted with this epidemic over the last two years.

She stated “Today, Sierra Leone is declared free of the deadly Ebola virus that has killed thousands since it flared up on the continent. But when Ebola broke out in 2014 and 2015 its repercussions changed our perception and understanding of global health security for ever. Ebola has shown us that it is important to show greater solidarity.

Solidarity towards the affected countries, but also between Member States of the European Union… an example: Luxembourg has organized support for other countries by putting its air-transport capacities for sanitary repatriation of European citizens working in the affected countries… Another example for how even a small country as Luxembourg can sustainably help, certainly is the SATMED-Programme, which allows to bring e-health to remote areas.” She stressed, though, that co-operation in the field of health is not the only cooperation upon which the strong relationship between Luxembourg and Sierra Leone is based.