All change for HiFi International presence in Luxembourg

It’s all change at Luxembourg’s popular electronics store HiFi International as the brand plans restructuring, meaning the closures of some stores and opening of others.

Busy putting the finishing touches to the reorganisation, the head of HiFi International, Simon De Wasseige, was not available for comment on Tuesday morning

According to reports obtained by Luxemburger Wort however, the company’s headquarters and warehouse located in Bettembourg are to be demolished to make way for a new shopping centre with 11 big stores including a HiFi International shop.

In late July, the electronics store plans to close two small shops located in Foetz and Esch-sur-Alzette, in order to open one large superstore boasting 1,300 square metres in Foetz and lots of free parking. The idea being to still attract a lot of Esch customers.

This is another blow for the country’s second largest town, as HiFi Internatinoal’s departure from the centre of Esch follows the announcement that the sandwich chain Subway is also leaving.

The north of the country has not been left untouched by the changes as HiFi International has announced that it will close its shop in Knauf Schmiede, in order to open a 1,300 metre squared store in the new Massen shopping complex in Wemperhardt.